Castle of Schwalenberg

The historical municipal water for public supply in Schwalenberg is considered to be an outstanding constructional masterful performance of the middle ages. Over a stretch of 2.2 kilometers a moat supplied the city of Schwalenberg with that very water being important for living. From the well of Magdalene to the entrance of Schwalenberg, the water has little fall by a slight gradient of just 10 metres. If you follow the way of the municipal water in the direction of its flowing, the topography of the castle hill and the low heads of the river create the optical illusion of that very water flowing uphill. The castle hill is also recommended as a special destination for recreation. On clear days, the "Grafenblick" ("Earl's View") offers a magnificent view over the rooftops of Schwalenberg up to the heights of the Teutoburg Forest and the Mountains of Egge.  (Route marking: A1 and A2).

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